Information Needed to Process Your Loan

Business Financial Exhibits (For Both Current Business and Business to be Purchased, as applicable)
Business Profile (or Business Plan for New Business)

Fiscal Year-End Business Financial Statements for Prior Three Years

Business Federal Tax Returns for Three Prior Years, to include all Supporting Schedules and Statementss

Interim Business Financial Statement (Year-to-Date) – Current to Within 60 Days of Application Date

Business Debt Schedule, as of the Same Date as the Interim Financial Statement (Form Enclosed)

Aging of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (as of the Same Date as the Interim Financial Statements)

Month-to-Month Projections covering any Interim Period until Year-End plus Two Full Fiscal Years including the

Assumptions that the Projections were Based Upon, and a Pro-Forma Business Balance Sheet (Form Enclosed)
Personal Financial Exhibits – (Required of Every Owner with 20% or more Ownership Interest and Every Guarantor)
Credit Application (Form Enclosed)

Personal Financial Statement including Personal Cash Flow and Contingent Liability Summary (Form Enclosed)

Personal Federal Tax Returns for Three Prior Years including all Supporting Schedules and Statements

Drivers License (For Non-U.S. citizens, please also include a copy (Front and Back) of Alien Registration Card
Legal Entity Documents (as applicable)
Please provide the Legal Entity Documents for all obligors, borrowers, and guarantors:

Sole Proprietorship – Assumed Name Certificate, as applicable

Corporation – Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, Assumed Name Certificate, as applicable

Partnerships (General or Limited) – Partnership Agreement (with all Exhibits)

Limited Liability Company – Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement
Real Estate (as applicable)

For all Real Estate transactions, please complete the Real Estate Profile Form (Attached).

For all Construction Loans:

1. Copy of Contract/Bid for work to be done by Contractor for all construction on Contractor’s Letterhead

2. Construction Budget/Plans and Specifications

3. Quotes for Machinery and Equipment (On Vendor's Letterhead or from Catalog)

Copy of Purchase Agreement for any Real Estate or (Operating Business including Real Estate) to be Acquired

Miscellaneous (as applicable)

Copy of Current Lease or Proposed Lease on Facility to be Occupied

Form 4506 for each, as applicable: the current business, the business to be purchased, each guarantor (Form Enclosed)

List and Description of Collateral. (Model Numbers and Serial Numbers of Equipment valued at over $500 is required.)

Resume (or work history) from each partner, holder of 20% or more of common stock and for key management.

Copy of All Notes to be Refinanced with Loan Proceeds

Copy of Business Purchase Agreement of any Operating Business to be Acquired

Copy of Franchise Agreement and Uniform Franchise Offering Circular for Franchise Businesses.