Loan Programs

Venture Pacific Funding has the experience and lender relationships to accommodate financing for any property types. This includes Apartments, Industrial, Retail, Hospitality, and specific use properties.
Loan Type Typical Term Rate / Structure Strategic Value
Permanent Financing Up to 30 years Fixed &Variable Rates For stabilized properties where there is sufficient cash flow to service the debt. Up to 30 year amortization with non-recourse financing available.
Construction Financing Up to 2 years Variable Rate / Interest Only New construction, acquisition, renovation, and land development projects.
Bridge Financing 1-3 years Floating Interest Rate Transitional form of financing until the project is ready for permanent financing or for short term projects.
Mezzanine Financing Short Term / Long Term Fixed & Variable Rates
Interest Only and
Amortization available
Used to maximize leverage, pull cash out, or work around traditional loan restrictions. Usually in the form of a 2nd trust deed or secured by ownership interest.
Hard Money Loans Up to 3 years Variable Rate / Interest Optimal for high opportunistic type projects where timing and speed in closing are critical.
Land Loans Up to 3 years Fixed & Variable Rates Acquisition of raw & improved land for commercial and residential development.